Construction and renewable energy business

Renewable energy is energy that is used to replace fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum and natural gas. which is about to expire in the near future It also releases enormous amounts of carbon dioxide which causes the greenhouse effect and global warming problem in general Renewable energy refers to the energy that exists in nature and can be used as an unlimited replacement for conventional energy. Examples of important and widely used renewable energy are solar energy, hydropower, wind energy, biomass energy. geothermal energy All of which are energy sources with high potential. It can effectively solve the problem of energy shortage and reduce pollution problems.
working principle of renewable energy

Renewable energy can be used in two forms: direct use, for example, using heat from the sun to preserve food. Using wind power to sail the seas and drive wind turbines to grind grain. Using solar energy to warm during the day and to light a fire at night, for example and converting energy into the form of direct current or alternating current with various devices which have physical properties that can transform kinetic energy, mechanical energy or potential energy, such as solar panels, wind turbines, generators (Generator), etc.

Taking advantage of renewable energy

Nowadays, renewable energy can be utilized in many different ways. Especially the production of electricity to help save costs and reduce pollution and environmental problems of the world. Including saving energy from other sources, therefore, renewable energy is the energy that can be used to replace the traditional energy unlimitedly. They are also available naturally and can be recycled. to help reduce the energy shortage problem which may happen in the near future

The advantages of using renewable energy
  • It is a renewable energy that can be renewed and reused for consumption and utilities instead of a new source of energy. without any expiration date
  • environmentally friendly It helps to reduce the impact, pollution and emissions to the environment caused by fossil fuel processing. and help reduce carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming
  • improve the economic conditions of the country because it can produce energy for its own use and can distribute income to the population as well
  • to stimulate the economy to expand reduce the import of foreign fuel Because people turn to using products from natural sources that can be produced by themselves within the country.
  • Help to prevent environmental problems Including various pollution due to the use of less petroleum energy.
  • Help humans to live longer by reducing the effects of energy consumption. which often cause unexpected health problems
The advantages of solar energy

The advantages of solar energy
1. It is inexhaustible energy. Natural energy is obtained from the sun. It is classified as an inexhaustible natural resource.
2. It’s clean energy. The electrical energy obtained from the solar panels Directly convert solar energy into electrical energy. which does not create toxic pollution to our world The other energy must be burned first. There must be some pollution leaking out, more or less.
3.can produce electricity all over the world only need the light from the sun It also takes the energy that is produced and can be used immediately.